About us

About us

Where It All Started

The Journey to Moss Technologies


Moss Technologies was founded in July 2016 and throughout the years we’ve successfully worked with many different clients in several industries including doctors, massage therapists, fishing charters, roofers, HVAC, plumbers, water damage restoration, home security, fitness gyms, automotive shops, storage facilities, & real estate investors.

As the years went by, we had a certain affinity towards Real Estate Investors and decided to work primarily in this field. This is when the evolution of Moss Technologies took place to what we now know as Moss Technologies – REI Marketing Solutions.


We Work Exclusively With Real Estate Investors


90% Of Our Business Is Referrals


Our Clients See Massive Results & Positive ROI

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With our focus primarily now on helping real estate investors build their credibility, gain visibility, and ultimately buy more properties, our vision is much more clear and we can dedicate 100% of our resources to service REI’s. Our processes and SOP’s have been streamlined, making it easier to help more investors across the country. We now have clients in some of the largest metros in the US, as well as many smaller markets too. 

Years of Industry experience
that can’t be Matched

We’ve worked on literally 100’s of investor websites in cities all across the U.S. Our level of experience is unparelled & we know what works to get you results.

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